Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Upgrade to 8.1

So, I may have mentioned (or you may have gathered) that I run on Windows. Windows 8, specifically, which we all know was a disaster. I've turned off automatic updates, and it turns out it was for good reason (well, you know, other than not having my computer restart randomly whenever I'm in the middle of something important. Gee, thanks for making my life "easier," M$).

Recently, I've been bothered by the prompts that ask one to upgrade to 8.1. I wasn't too bothered, since I could send them away no problem.

Even more recently, I decided it was time to update my system, since my tablet driver was freaking out. Unbeknownst to me, this downloaded two updates I would have rather not updated: KB287139 (a prerequisite for the 8.1 upgrade) and KB3008273 (which enables automatic, forced upgrade). Since then, I've been getting the prompting to download right now (or else). The first three times, it gave me the option to 'remind me later,' but not today.

In an effort to get the (stupid) update prompt to stop appearing, I edited the registry to keep it from popping up. But it didn't work.

I've decided that I really hate automatic updates.

If you uninstall the updates mentioned above (KB2871389 and KB3008273), it'll get rid of that annoying thing. Make sure to set these updates on hide after you restart, so they don't get downloaded again.

I need a new computer so I can use Linux as my primary OS *sigh* (I have photoshop on this, and my tablet works. I don't wanna lose that XD)

Anyways . . . what else was I going to say . . . ? Oh, right.

Why would I want to not upgrade to 8.1?

1. Anything that any company wants everyone to do makes me suspicious. The Skype update? What reason do they have to force us all to upgrade to the latest, "best" version? Same with this one.

2. Newer isn't always better.

3. I don't want to have to deal with the dumb store thing. I'm pretty sure I deleted everything connected to that. It irritates me enough that I can't change to a normal account (I have to look into that more. It mainly irritates me that everyone who owns a WindozeH8 computer has to sign in with a hotmail account. Again with the large companies forcing people to do things) without having to deal with that. I use desktop applications.

4. I've personalized my WindozeH8 to look like Windows 7 through certain applications that I bought. I don't want WindozeH8.1 to ruin that and waste a good ten dollars.

5. Why the heck would I want to "fix" something that's not broken? Or, well, I suppose it is broken, since it's Windows8, but how do I know that 8.1 isn't worse? Screw updates.

6. I hate M$.

7. I hate forced upgrades.

That's it for today!

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