Sunday, December 28, 2014


I remember it almost as it was yesterday. I was sitting in my chair, drinking herbal tea, Skyping my friends, and then suddenly--disaster struck.

Skype closed.

Immediately, my heart spiked as a window opened up, prompting me to download the latest version of Skype or I would never use it again. I had knew this was coming, ever since Microsoft bought Skype out (blasted M$).

Reluctantly, after battling Google for an answer to keep my beloved version, I finally downloaded the latest version of Skype.

Since then, I have been plagued by automatic updates without my even knowing, sometimes: I would open up Skype to see a small notification saying, "We've downloaded the latest version of Skype so you have the latest improvements and bug fixes!" ("We're doing this for your own good, Mariah. You don't know what you're doing. Just let us help you. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Imagine a world where happiness abounds . . . all because you let us handle your updates. You don't even have to worry about it . . .")

My Skype continued to get weirder, shinier, and more "user friendly," (no doubt, since that's what M$ is all about). And I hated it.

Today, however, was the last straw. With the upgrade to Skype 7.0, Skype almost stopped working every time I switched over to type in something (correction: It DID. It would either lag incredibly, or it would freeze and show "Skype (Not Responding)").

So, to Google I went, praying desperately for a solution. And I found one--now I'm sitting pretty on version of Skype (*cackles maniacally* Take that, M$!).

So, you want to downgrade Skype? Here it goes. (Note: I'm not talking to you like you're five, I'm just trying to be clear)
Step One: Remove Skype

Gotta get rid of the newest version to replace it with an old version. 
  1. Go to Control Panel 
  2. Go to Programs and Features
  3. Find Skype
  4. Uninstall
Step Two: Download the Setup of the version of Skype you want. 

M$ has blanketed over almost everything I pulled up today; I think I actually had the setup for already stored on my computer. I think there's a way to search in the Skype files for the old versions, but I don't know how; Google is your friend if you want to look into that. I have a few lying around: or (File Hippo)

Have fun looking for other versions (and I hope those 6.21 versions don't go out of style for you).

Step Three: Replace the SkypeSetup.exe with the SkypeSetup.exe You Want

Now that you have your beloved version, you must trick Skype into thinking it's updating all the way. 
  1. Navigate to C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Local\Temp
  2. Scroll down to SkypeSetup.exe (Ignore the Skype folder)
  3. Delete the SkypeSetup.exe and the other Skype files surrounding it (I had three things; the SkypeSetup, Skype Toolbars, and some other Skype setup thingy I got rid of just in case, since it 'contained all the information and data needed for version 7.0').
  4. Copy your SkypeSetup.exe version that you like (probably under the name of "SkypeSetup_<version>.exe"; I renamed it to "SkypeSetup.exe") into the Temp folder.
  5. Right-Click on the File and go into Properties
  6. Check the 'Read Only' button
  7. Apply
Step Four: Download Your Version of Skype
  1. Download your version of Skype from the SkypeSetup.exe (I had a copy on my desktop I downloaded from; I don't know if you can download from the Temp file, but probably)
  2. Open Skype and bask in your victory.
Step Five: Disable the Skype Updater.

This gets rid of Skype's ability to check for and download updates automatically.
  1. Go to Services (Start > Run > Type "Services.msc"; search your computer for it; go through the Control Panel; Task Manager > Services > Open Services)
  2. Find 'Skype Updater' 
  3. Right click on it and go into Properties. 
  4. Under "Startup Type," select "Disabled."
  5. Apply.
(Optional) Step Six: Block Ads

Does your version still have ads? These ad-blocking techniques never worked for me (at least not for the newer versions), but apparently they work for everybody else. XD So, here's what I've heard:
  1. Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > Restricted Sites > Sites
  2. Add (this blocks your entire home page, seemingly . . . that's never happened for me, so maybe my computer is trolling XD) and . 
  3. Bask in your victory and in your ad-free pages. 

Hope this all was helpful! Fight the automatic, involuntary updates, everybody! Have fun debugging. 

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