Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I don't usually make these things, but I've got one for this year: blog more! I'm awful at blogging. The fact that this blog is the third I've made, but the first to get past more than two posts, says something, I think.

I've collected a few possible things to blog about:

Games (Card, mostly)
How to Linux (once I download it on something or fix the GRUB error on the drive I already have it downloaded to. It'll be Xubuntu, by the way, unless otherwise stated.)
What [Media] Teaches Me
How to TiddlyWiki (the internet needs more of these)
Help With Writing (Writing and Editing)
How to Crochet?
Help With Art (A request)
How to Music Theory (And some 'This Might Be How to Music I'm Not Sure' posts, because I am an amateur (like really really amateur) composer.)
Programming and Debugging notes (it's going to happen; I'm taking an intro-to-programming class next quarter)
Flash Fictions
How to Internet

I hope to make several of these a series. I might even set up a schedule sometime! No one really reads my blog right now other than a few I link some posts to, so I feel at liberty to do really whatever I want XD

That is all~

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