Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Camera and Photos

Things you shouldn't do with your mother's camera:

  • Delete any photos
  • Format her memory card without permission
  • Call her after you formatted her memory card
I took a whole bunch of pictures on my mother's camera on Friday, and I wanted to upload them all onto the computer on Saturday (after the post "Chick Magnet"). So I sat down, plugged in the Compact Flash card reader, and uploaded my photos, deleting them via the computer during the process. However, when I went to take more pictures, the camera, despite my having deleted photos, refused to take more than about five. 

I went to the internet to solve this problem of not having any room on the card (although I knew I could fit another 1000 photos on there). I found a whole bunch of sites that gave me card care instructions, and some of the advice on how to fix my problem. The common suggestion was to "Format" the card.

Now, when I think "format" I think "organization". I don't speak computer; how was I suppose to know format means delete? I found the option on the camera, and scrolled down to the format option, and hit it. I really should have done some more research on that formatting thing. 

When I realized what I had done- deleted every single photo of the whole year (including Easter, mine and other sibling's birthdays and girls camp)- I had the distinct feeling of "Oh crap." (Well, my mind generated a bit more colorful language, but you get the gist, right?). I turned off the camera and immediately scoured the internet for retrieval tactics.

I found a program online, but wasn't sure if I should download it or not, or if it would even work. So, I ran over to the phone and dialed my mother up. I relayed to her that I had formatted her camera (thankfully, she didn't blow up at me), and asked if she knew how to get the photos back. She didn't, and she didn't think I'd be getting them back. I told her I found something online, and she said "good luck".

Thankfully, the program I used worked, although it took a few tormenting hours to retrieve everything off the card. I ended up paying $25 dollars from my pocket for the program to restore the photos, but I was so relieved to get the photos back that I didn't care. Now the photos are backed up on two computers; hopefully we won't have a repeat of that incident.

On a different note, I've been taking all sorts of photos! Here are a few:

The coolest tree on campus

My reflection in a window

These bees always hang out around the Monte Cristo building

Isn't it pretty? 
Thanks for reading :) See you next time. 


  1. I really like the reflection photos. I'm not sure why, but there's something about reflection photos that I find haunting and curious all at once. I never take any of myself, but perhaps that's just because I'm always using a phone camera, and that doesn't usually seem as flattering or poignant. This photo is first on my list for the magical day in the future when I get a REAL camera.

    I'm with you on the formatting--it should include a warning that formatting will induce deletion, like blu-ray players do when you plug in those little SD cards. At least you still have the memories, though not the photos any longer. :)

    1. I was taking pictures of everything I could on Friday, and I looked into the window and was like, "Hey, let's take a picture of the people inside the house!" It caught my reflection instead, and I was all "I'm saving that one." For about a year now, I've been taking pictures on my ipod (that thing with the crappy resolution, you know?), but I finally just decided to start carrying around mother's camera. It's a very nice camera (Canon Rebel, I think? Mom's got this awesome macro lens that I use all the time.)

      Fortunately, I was able to get the photos back. But, yeah, I'm curious as to why no camera-help site was like "Warning: This will delete all your photos, so you'd best save them first!". I'm a writer for goodness' sake, not a programmer.

    2. Oh! Glad you got them back!

      I feel like the world would be a bit better if women designed more of it. ;) Surely these things would not happen nearly as frequently...

    3. I am too. My mother would have had my hide if I couldn't get them back.

      I think some of the sites were written by women, but I don't think it should be 'Format' on the camera. It should be something more obvious like "Delete all pictures to make room for other stuff". Well, maybe not quite so long, but you know what I mean.

    4. Hahaha, yes! Or something as simple as 'Formatting will delete everything.' (That's what it says on blu ray players, so why not on cameras?)